Let me introduce myself. My name is Thea van de Velde and I am married and have three children and three grandchildren. I live in the pretty town of Tholen.

I work with great pleasure at the Fabeltuin toddler daycare in Tholen since 1995. In 2012 I started working at Zo Kinderopvang. I have learned at Zo Kinderopvang, everything revolves around the children, parents and staff. In 2017, Zo offered me the opportunity to make a career switch and I am now location manager of all the toddler daycare centres on the island of Tholen.

I work as a location manager two days in the week. I enjoy the job very much – it’s a real challenge. And I still work in the group two days a week. I did this intentionally as I want to continue being in direct contact with the children and parents.

Thea van de Velde

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