Can I purchase childcare by the hour?

No, the hourly rate in childcare is used as a means of calculation. It can cause confusion sometimes. Would you like to know the reason why you need to purchase a block of hours? We can imagine that the term ‘hourly rate’ suggests that you can purchase childcare by the hour. In the interests of transparency, the reason is that the quality of childcare in the Netherlands is, rightly so, determined by certain quality requirements. Outside the legal requirements, Zo Kinderopvang strives to offer your child the best care and development opportunities possible. This quality is directly linked to the methods and the stable presence of our educational staff members, and adhering to aspects such as the care provider: child ratio (the number of children cared for by one educational staff member). 

The number of educational staff members is determined on the basis of the first child that is brought to the centre up to the last child that is collected. This means that even if you only bring your child at 08:00 and collect him/her at 17:00, our staff members remain on duty until the very last child is collected. This last child may even be your child. The rate for childcare that emphasises stability and educationally responsible schedules is thus only available in blocks of hours.

We would like to emphasise that we do not do this so that you pay for hours that you do not use. We strive to customise our services and make them as flexible as possible while retaining educational quality so that we can meet your personal family requirements while still providing excellent childcare and development.

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