Zo Children's hairdresser

Our regular hairdresser comes to your child’s location every eight weeks. Our children’s hairdresser in the Haaglanden area is Nathalie. Nathalie owns the children’s hairdressing salon, Kids Only. She very much enjoys cutting your child or children’s hair in your chosen style.  

Tense and trusted

Some children experience tension when having their hair cut, and we take this into consideration. Your child’s hair is cut in his/her trusted group area with his/her regular group leader and playmates around him/her.

Nathalie knows exactly what to do to quickly put your child at ease. She knows how to encourage your child to sit still for a while and, if necessary, use other aids to help them relax and sit still. While her hands quickly and expertly move around the hair, the group leader will talk to your child or read aloud.. Read more about our children's hairdresser...

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