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Zo op het Groene Hart

Rode Schouw 85
4661 VE Halsteren

Zo op het Groene Hart is located at the Biezenhof and the Rode Schouw primary schools. It offers after-school care and in-school lunch care for children aged four to twelve. The out-of-school care is in a green area and has a very large outdoor play area of nearly 10,000 m2! Your child can play and run around here to his/her heart’s content after a day at his/her school desk.
Indoors, the space is pleasant and makes every child feel at home.

If you would like more information about Zo op het Groene Hart or would like to drop by to see what our location looks like, please contact our location manager.

Types of childcare
before-school care, in-school lunch care, after-school care, out-of-school care, school holiday care
Location manager
Esther Coppens
06 216 245 40
113 517 749

Download Inspectierapport BSO Zo op het Groene Hart 2019 (only available in Dutch)

Hours Out-of-school care
Monday: 15.15 - 18.30
Tuesday: 15.15 - 18.30
Wednesday: 12.00 - 18.30
Thursday: 15.15 - 18.30
Friday: 15.15 - 18.30
Saturday: Closed

The out-of-school care accepts children from the Biezenhof and the Rode Schouw primary schools.

Before-school care starts at 07:00 and lasts until lessons begin. The educational staff members bring the children to their primary schools.
The school holiday care always has a challenging and fun programme of activities. The children from various Zo out-of-school care locations get together at Zo op de Schans or go on an outing together!
Zo op het Groene Hart offers occasional extra care in consultation with the primary school. For example, it can offer care when the school closes earlier or if the children are free because of study days.

Foto Esther

Esther Coppens (Location Manager)

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