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Zo Outdoor in de Duinpan

Laan van Poot 93
2566 EA Den Haag

At a location in the middle of nature, surrounded by the forest, Bosjes van Poot, and nearby the beach in Scheveningen you will find our outdoor out of school care (Outdoor BSO)

The children will be out in nature as much as possible, where they can move around freely and explore. This is all possible being right in the middle of the forest and so close to the beach. Directly at our doorstep, there is a large, natural playground where the children can play to their heart’s content. In the area there are also many sport clubs. The emphasis, however, will be on going on adventures and taking on challenges in nature with activities like treasure hunts, building huts, chopping wood, making campfires, baking bread, looking for animal tracks, flying kites, GPS expeditions, learning the names of different plants and tying knots and much, much more.
We will pick up children from five schools:
• Galvanischool
• European School
• Heldringschool
• Houtrustschool
• Basisschool De Parkiet

Types of childcare
outdoor bso
Outdoor BSO
Location manager
Mark Augustinus
06 217 171 87
06 252 189 89

Download Inspectierapport BSO Zo in de Duinpan Laan van Poot 93 Den Haag 2019-2 (only available in Dutch)

Download Inspectierapport BSO Zo in de Duinpan (only available in Dutch)

Download Gezondheids- en veiligheidsbeleid Zo In de Duinpan april 2019 (only available in Dutch)

Download Pedagogisch Werkplan BSO - Zo Outdoor in de Duinpan 2019 (only available in Dutch)

Download Bijlage pedagogisch beleidsplan BSO - Zo Outdoor in de Duinpan 2019 (only available in Dutch)

Download Certificaat HKZ 2018 ISO 9001: 2015 (only available in Dutch)

Hours Out-of-school care
Monday: 14.45 - 18.30 uur
Tuesday: 14.45 - 18.30 uur
Wednesday: 12.00 - 18.30 uur
Thursday: 14.45 - 18.30 uur
Friday: 14.45 - 18.30 uur
Saturday: Closed

On Wednesday and Friday the children will be playing at Zo aan de 2e Sweelinckstraat.

Foto Mark

Mark Augustinus

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