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Zo Outdoor bij Ferguson

Muurbloemweg 41
2555 NB Den Haag

At Zo, we think it is of great importance to experiencing nature, responsibility, health, dealing with risks and resourcefulness. What better place to develop these skills than outdoors where the physical environment offers almost unlimited opportunities. This is why Zo Kinderopvang will open its third Outdoor out-of-school facility in the Scouting Ferguson building at Muurbloemweg 41 in The Hague.
It promises to be another adventurous after school care facility. The children will go outdoors into nature as much as possible where they can explore the woods and the beach of Kijkduin. There are also several sports clubs in the immediate vicinity.

What is an outdoor after school facility?

Sports and games: playing games outdoors in and with nature like hide-and-seek, tree tag, and ball games. They can also climb trees, play with water and in the woods, play party games and team games.
Expression: sawing shapes; building huts or rafts from planks, poles, barrels and rope; act; and make creative objects from natural materials.
Challenging technology: the children learn the basics of being in and with nature. How do you live with all the elements that nature offers? This component includes activities such as lighting fires, handling penknives, climbing trees, orientation, dressing for different weather conditions and handling the dark in winter.

Does this sound like fun and would you like more information about this new Outdoor after school school facility? Then contact Nicole van de Bergen, at Zo Kinderopvang’s head office by telephone on 070 345 85 63 or email

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