After school care

Time after school is valuable and that's how we treat it. Accompanied by our professional childcare practitioners, your child will enjoy exciting challenges and adventures. And during the school holidays we offer a fantastic holiday programme that they’ll be talking about for weeks afterwards.
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Two girls playing with leafs during after school care
Pedagogisch medewerker geeft natuurles in het bos aan de bso-kinderen
Vibrant range of activities

When it comes to deciding how to spend the afternoon, we give your child as much freedom as possible. And obviously we help him or her to make those choices. Every child is different and needs different activities, so we pay attention to the specific needs of your child. In this way we help children to learn to take responsibility for themselves and for those around them, the group and the space.

Children have an important say in the activities we choose. They are actively involved in making decisions – what are we going to do? Photography, making clothes, cooking, music, jumpstyling, or something else? And is the weather nice? Then we almost always go out!


Discovering talents

It’s important to find out what you like to do and what you’re good at, which is why we offer activities and workshops in all areas of development. The various options stimulate children to discover their talents and hobbies with us. We use the qualities and interests of our staff and parents, on a rotating basis, to create a vibrant offering for the children with lots of challenges and variety.


Girl playing the recorder during music lessons at after school care
Boy playing with a stick insect at after school care
Feeling home at Zo

We want your child to feel at home with us, which is why we take different ages and needs into account. There are usually two groups: children under and children over 7 years of age.

This allows us to respond to each child’s developmental level and to tailor the activities to the children’s interests and experiences. Sometimes an older child wants to help the younger children, which is of course allowed. We also allow a younger child to join in with the older children if he or she needs more of a challenge.

If the childcare location is not situated within a school building or on school premises, then we provide transport too. We pick the children up on foot, with a cargo bike or bus, depending on the distance.



Come and visit

Your child can attend after school care every working day during the 40 regular school weeks from the time that school ends until 6:30 pm. During holiday weeks we offer full days of care.

We are also open on the inset days of the schools we work with. Almost all of our after school care locations work with several schools. Precise opening times during the holiday weeks can be found on the location’s page.


Childcare practitioner in the woods with children

Would you like to know more?

Would you like more information about our after school care? We’d love to speak to you. Come and visit us to get a feel for the atmosphere or contact the location manager.
Three children playing shop at after school care