Outdoor After school care

The name gives it away: our outdoor after school care is all about discovering nature. Your child will experience the most fun and exciting adventures: from challenging activities like treasure hunts, building huts, making fires and kiting, to geocaching and going on treasures hunt with a GPS-receiver.
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Girl playing in the woods at the Outdoor After School Care in Rijswijk
Children and childcare practitioner looking at a tree in the woods
Discovering the outdoors

We spend a lot of time outside, which is important for children’s physical and mental health. All of our activities stimulate the natural curiosity that children possess. While surrounded by nature, they’re occupied with play, technology and music – under professional supervision, of course. Together, we discover and explore our surroundings.


Outdoor activities

Our outdoor after school care locations are in beautiful surroundings and the activities are designed to allow the children to experience nature and make the most of the outdoors. Why? Because it offers endless opportunities for play, sport, learning and developing the senses. If the children want to take a break inside, warm up, or play a game, that’s ok too. At our outdoor after school care, the focus is on using natural and sustainable materials, as well as games and equipment that are related to nature in some way.

kinderen spelen in het bos en klimmen op de boomstam
Children climbing a hill in the woods during after school care at Zo Kinderopvang
Come and visit

Your child can attend after school care every working day during the 40 regular school weeks from the time that school ends until 6:30 pm. During holiday weeks we offer full days of care.

We are also open on the inset days of the schools we work with. Almost all of our after school care locations work with several schools. Precise opening times during the holiday weeks can be found on the location’s page.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like more information about our outdoor after school care? We’d love to speak to you. Come and visit us to get a feel for the atmosphere or contact the location manager.
Girl looking at a feather during outdoor play at after school care