Childcare is more than simply a place where your child is kept safe while you are working. Early childhood is the most important years of life, and good childcare, such as that offered by Zo Kinderopvang, will help stimulate your child’s development in these crucial years. 

Good childcare emphasises confidence and bonding on top of the challenge of age-appropriate activities. We use the development stages of the National Educational Framework to design age-appropriate activities that will give your child an advantage that will remain for the rest of his/her life. Zo Kinderopvang is a warm and excellent addition to home care and development.

We strive to be transparent and we would thus like to give you, a potential client, an impression of the quality of our services. To this end, we would like to highlight various aspects of quality in childcare and would like to give you an insight into the relevant documents.

Inspection and GGD reports

All our centres are inspected every year by the Community Health Services (GGD). The inspectors’ reports are published by centre on this website.

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