Customer satisfaction

We carry out a customer satisfaction survey every two years. We always share the results with our clients. On the one hand, we do this because we are invariably pleased with the positive outcomes of the survey, the objective ratings and the benchmark information that this gives us vis-à-vis our competition. On the other hand, we do this because we believe in strong improvement management. Should a problem arise, we will tackle it head on. After all, measuring our clients’ satisfaction lets us see how we can further develop.

Public report on complaints

Naturally we hope that our clients are satisfied with our service, but should this not be the case, clients can submit a complaint. Our complaints procedure is linked to the National Childcare Complaints Board (Landelijke Klachtencommissie Kinderopvang). Every year we compile the complaints into a public report. This report is sent to the Community Health Service (GGD), the municipality and the Parents’ Committee. For more than 25 consecutive years, we have been able to solve the occasional bottlenecks that have arisen with clients. Consequently, we have not yet needed to handle an official complaint. Click here for the complaints procedure and here to see the Disputes Committee’s regulations (unfortunately only available in Dutch). 

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