Educational approach

Zo’s pedagogic approach is group oriented. We have parallel groups for babies, infants and toddlers. The children in the out-of-school care are also divided, where possible, into age groups. This makes it easy for our staff to provide age appropriate care.

Optimal grouping

The babies receive the attention, rest and care that they need. We design the areas for the toddlers in such a way that they are able to play independently in corners while the play equipment poses no danger to the youngest children. The younger out-of-school care children enjoy being together with the group while still seeking security in the staff member. Other out-of-school care children enjoy doing their own thing.

Continuity in childcare

Continuity for the children is an important element in our educational approach. Regular groups, regular staff members, regular areas and rituals. By adhering as far as possible to a regular daily programme, where all activities follow each other, children automatically join in the group activities and fewer rules are required. The routine comprises components such as arrival, singing a familiar song followed by eating fruit, going to the toilet or nappy change, playing outside and so on. The groups assemble at the beginning and end of the day. By doing this we can do our Zo Traffic Light (Zo stoplicht), a methodology that we developed to make sure that there is as much continuity in staff members, group members and areas as possible.

Our staff members

Our educational approach ensures that Zo staff members are sensitive to the children and know how to respond to their needs. The children then develop confidence both in the staff member and in themselves as they know that their needs will be met properly. To this end, all our staff members receive interactive video training. This is one of the methodologies from the Video Home Training which is used for childcare services nationally.

Healthy environment

Health is the foundation for good development, and with this in mind our educational approach includes plenty of fresh air and movement. Indoors, our areas are well ventilated, the children eat good and healthy food, and of course we practice high standards of hygiene. But our ideas on health mean that we also go outside with all the children every day. Apart from the health aspects of being outdoors, the outside world is different. The space is bigger, it smells and feels different, and there are many things to experience that are different than indoors.

Learning through play

Children learn by playing with other children in a stimulating environment. Our educational approach actively stimulates child development. It also includes the development of competencies such as resilience, independence, self-confidence and flexibility.

We do this by challenging the children and giving them feedback; through activities; and by giving them new materials to play with. Our activities include all the developmental areas such as motor, language, cognitive, self-sufficiency and social development, as well as the development of norms and values.

You as a parent

We are pleased to share all the happenings at home and at the childcare centre with parents. This allows us to take these into account in the group, while you know what your child has done at the childcare centre. The sharing of information is done when you bring or collect your child, during formal discussions with parents and during the parents’ evening. For young children this is also done using the notebook that you receive from us when your child comes to our centre for the first time. All our locations have Parents’ Committees which work well to represent the centres’ parents.

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