Parents' Committee

Parents’ Committees contribute to quality. As parents, they help you keep abreast of what is going on.

Every Zo location has a Parents’ Committee (PC) that regularly meets with the location manager about daily practice. The remit of the PCs is described in the Participation Regulations (in Dutch, medezeggenschapsreglement). The PC’s objective is to represent the interests of the parents. It also has an advisory role in terms of the quality of care. We strive to have representation in a PC from all the groups at a location. 

In general, the PCs have ‘adviesrecht’ (‘the right to prior consultation’) and, in a number of issues covered by the Childcare Act, even have a ‘verzwaard adviesrecht’. This means that on several matters Zo must seek the advice of the Parents' Committee and it may only deviate from this advice on well-founded grounds in. The issues for which the PC has verzwaard adviesrecht are:

  • the implementation of the quality policy related to
    o the number of children per educational staff member
    o size of groups
    o training requirements for professional workers
    o deployment of trainee professional workers
  • educational policy
  • nutritional issues
  • safety and health risk inventory
  • opening times
  • defining or changes to a complaints procedure and appointing the members of the complaints committee
  • changes to the costs of childcare

The chair of each PC has a representative function in the Central PC (CPC). The CPC consults with management and is the advisory body about any issues affecting the organisation’s centralised policy. The CPC can be an important sounding board for the locations’ PCs. Information can be shared between the CPC and a PC, and checks can be done to see if bottlenecks are location specific or organisation wide. This gives the location PC wider information about Zo.

Click here for the current members list of our PC's (only available in Dutch).

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