2014 will see some changes at banks and at the Tax Authority which are relevant for you. Information about these changes, and any action that you may need to take, is below.

Implementation IBAN / SEPA

On 1 February 2014, Zo Kinderopvang will change to IBAN. The IBAN is a longer bank account number that incorporates your current account number. Any bank transfers and direct debits must use this new payment system.
Implementing IBAN means that the bank account number of your location will change. Below is a list of these numbers. Your own bank account number will also change in 2014. You do not need to take any action. We will make sure that our software automatically converts your bank account number to an IBAN number.

Do you transfer each invoiced amount to us?

If so, make sure that you use the IBAN number from 1 February onwards.

Do you use direct debit?

If so, the bank account number will be changed automatically by what is known as ‘mandate’. You do not need to take action.

You are not using direct debit but would like to do so.

Should you not be making your payments by direct debit and you would like to do so, please fill in the SEPA direct debit forms (called ‘incassomachtigingsformulier’ in Dutch which contains the new IBAN number). You can find this form here. You can hand in the completed and signed form at your location or scan it and email it to contractadministratie@zokinderopvang.nl.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your location manager or email your questions or comments to contractadministratie@zokinderopvang.nl.

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