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Did you know that at Zo Kinderopvang:

• You can choose either fixed or flexible care?
• You can choose the out-of-school care contract that suits you best: with or without school holidays?
• You can exchange all your unused days throughout the year?
• You receive a discount if you book three or more care days?

Click on the links for information about our rates at our locations in the Brabant region and The Hague, Delft and Rijswijk.

If you would like to know more about our swap policy for not used days, please click here.

Child care allowance 

The rates for care at Zo depend on the area, the type of care and the type of contract that you choose. And the nett amount that you pay depends on the child care allowance that you receive. Click here for a full list of the government’s adjusted child care allowance (only available in Dutch). Here you find more about how childcare allowance works in The Netherlands.

Calculation examples

To give you an idea of the nett contribution, we have done a few calculation examples for the gross and nett costs based on our rates 2015. You find them here for Brabant (only available in Dutch) and here for The Hague, Delft and Rijswijk (only available in Dutch). 

Tax Authority calculation example

If you want to know how much child care allowance you are entitled to, do a test calculation (only in Dutch) on the Tax Authority’s website.

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