Rates Brabant region childcare and playgroups

Childcare rates Brabant region

Download the rates here for the Zo locations in West-Brabant and Tholen 2015.

Parents’ contribution for the toddler playgroups

€ 49.00 per month for two part days per week
€ 31.20 per month for one part day per week 
€ 29.60 per month for children in the Playgroup Plus for four part days per week

The parents’ contributions are paid 11 times a year. Payments are made from September to July or from August to June depending on the summer holidays.

In consultation with the playgroup leaders, parents can opt to help clean the playgroup space for which they will receive € 4.50 per hour as volunteer’s remuneration.

Zo Kinderopvang does not charge registration fees.

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