Zo International Childcare is a full service daycare at Hallekenstraat 28A and after school club at the Schoolstraat 76 in Wassenaar. We provice a warm and safe place for your child. Please read more about our services here.

You will find our prices for daycare in 2018 here. Rates for after school club you will find here. All prices include the following:

  • nappies (pampers)
  • two hot meals a day
  • food (high-quality brands, including special dietary items for allergies)
  • own sleeping bag, bottle and pacifier
  • fun outdoor activities, including transport to and from these activities
  • transport from all schools

Summer 2018 we introduce the Summer Camp and Summer Care. Read more about these services here.

You will find the rates for Summer Camp and Summer Care here.

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