Types of childcare

Choosing the right care for your child and for your family situation is not easy. You need to find the right childcare centre that suits your family, your way of child rearing, your family logistics. Your child will have a wonderful time at the right childcare centre, and good childcare provides the best development opportunities that complement what your child receives at home. To help you make the right choice among the types of care that Zo Kinderopvang provide, we outline the types of care that we provide below. We would be pleased to help you personally should you have questions or need help in compiling the best care package for you and your family. Click here for our contact information.

Where are our centres located?

We offer various types of childcare in our centres which are all situated in great locations in South West Brabant and Haaglanden – including Delft and Rijswijk. Our educational staff is there to welcome you and your children from Monday to Friday. They will ensure that your child has a wonderful time. Click here for the details of each centre.

What does our childcare entail?

In all its childcare services, Zo Kinderopvang offers the following.

  1. Total safety and a bond with regular, professional, certified staff members. The staff members receive regular refresher courses and on-the-job training. They are also supported by our educational staff which consist of an educationalist, a remedial teacher and assistant educationalists.
  2. Optimal development stimulation based on our own programme of activities and founded on our pedagogical approach (click here for the parents’ version of the pedagogical approach and the pedagogical framework for childcare, after-school care and daycare providers. Thus, every month we focus on one of the seven development areas outlined in the national Educational Framework. We use play to stimulate your child’s development. Our activities are age-related and we use workshops that feature dance, music, drama, technology and nature.

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