For the youngest (aged 0 to 4 years)

We offer daycare from Monday to Friday. The choice of half days or full days depends on the centre or the region. Click here for the opening times of your preferred centre.

We do everything we can to make your child feel safe and comfortable. For Zo Kinderopvang this is, after all, the foundation from which the child discovers the world and learns through play. But it is also the world in which children make friends. We do this partly by working, as far as possible, with regular educational staff members. We will make sure that we will be a trusted face for you and your child.

Parallel groups in daycare

All our centres offer daycare work with parallel groups. ‘Parallel groups’ means that children are divided into the same age-related development groups. Our educational staff members are thus well attuned to the development level of the children, and can offer toys and activities that stimulate the children’s interests and experiences.

Activities in daycare

Every child is a unique individual and develops in his/her own way and at his/her own speed. Children enjoy going on voyages of discovery and need space to thrive. Our pedagogical staff members give the children this space, and also offer them fun and diverse activities that challenge them to develop further and to discover more. We use development domains, which are scientifically researched, and offer age-appropriate activities.More information about this can be found in our pedagogical approach. This approach allows the children to learn through pay. Examples of activities include music and dance lessons, and the use of snoezelen (multi-sensory) rooms. Apart from these, we offer plenty of other activities and often go out with the children to the local playground, the beach, the park or the woods.

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