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Daycare providers at home in West-Brabant and Tholen

At Zo Kinderopvang we fully understand that choosing the right type of childcare is a very personal decision which is influenced by various factors. That is why we offer Zo at Home Daycare providers in West-Brabant and Tholen. Zo at Home will provide quality childcare at the home of a daycare provider. A Zo Daycare provider will look after your child in a homely environment and as you will be able to determine the times, this service will give you all the flexibility you need when it comes to your childcare requirements.

What can you expect from a daycare provider?

Competent and friendly daycare providers will look after your child in a homely environment. The maximum number of children in a group is six. As children learn through play there will be ample room indoors and outdoors for the children to play safely - individually or together. One of the advantages of a daycare provider is that you are not bound by fixed times to bring and collect your child. You can determine the times in consultation with the daycare provider, offering you all the flexibility you need.

Zo Daycare providers: the quality of Zo in a homely environment

Our standards governing the quality of our daycare providers are high. Screening potential daycare providers is the first step. They must be 18 years or older. They must have been trained as health care providers at senior secondary vocational education level (the Dutch MBO), must be in possession of a valid Certificate for Children’s first aid of the Orange Cross and hold a Certificate of Good Conduct. The next step is a selection on the basis of experience and knowledge in the area of safety, hygiene and educational theory. The final step is a safety check at the daycare provider’s house to ensure that your child is placed in a safe and healthy environment. To make sure the children get the care they deserve, we offer refresher courses and training to our daycare providers on a regular basis.

How will you find the best daycare provider for you and your family?

We offer the services of the Zo at Home - Daycare agency in West-Brabant and Tholen, the areas covered by Zo Kinderopvang and Toerdeloo. Please feel free to contact us for more information on the possibilities the daycare agency has to offer. If you would like to find out more about the possibilities we offer to meet your childcare requirements, please feel free to contact Diana van Osta on +31 6 462 709 34 or zoaanhuis@zokinderopvang.nl.

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