In-school lunch care

For the older children (aged 4 up to 12 years)

We offer in-school lunch care at various schools, four days a week – not on Wednesdays – during the lunch break. Check the times either at your preferred centre (click here) or through your primary school. 

Many children do not go home for lunch anymore. Either they stay at school or they go elsewhere to eat and play with their classmates. Staying over is more than just eating a sandwich and having something to drink. It is a time to relax and to offload between lessons. During the in-school lunch care, the children can rest or relax, they can play, run around and get rid of their energy. There is space for play, to be sociable and to move.

In short, staying over at Zo is fun!

The staff members supervise the children, keep an eye on everything and provide everything that is needed during the lunch break. They make sure that every child eats and drinks something, and that everything goes well and pleasantly.

Would you like to know more about in-school lunch care?

Simply contact us through your preferred centre!

Zo collaborates with the following schools to provide in-school lunch care:

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