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Choosing the type of childcare is a very personal decision and is influenced by various factors. If you opt for Zo at Home, you will get quality childcare in your own home. A Zo nanny will come to your house to look after your child or children. As you will be able to determine when the nanny starts and ends, this service will always fit in perfectly with your wishes and family situation. The advantage of a nanny at home is that the children will be looked after in their familiar surroundings.

Opt for Zo at Home, childcare at one of our centres or a combination of both 

Social interaction and group activities are both very important for children’s development and for many parents this is one of the reasons for bringing their children to a childcare centre or a playgroup for parts of the day or a couple of days per week. With Zo at Home you can choose the care that fits in perfectly with your personal situation. You can opt for a nanny at home on the days that suits you the best (with a maximum of three days per week), but you can also opt for a combination of Zo at Home and childcare at one of our centres. This way your child will be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of home and the social interaction and activities at the childcare centre. Whether you opt for Zo at Home, childcare at one of our centres or a combination of both, Zo will be happy to provide the best childcare for your situation.

Zo Nannies: the quality of a Zo employee at your home

Our nannies are selected with the utmost care and are screened by the public authorities every month. All nannies are fully trained educational workers at higher professional education level (the Dutch HBO), hold a Certificate of Good Conduct and are in possession of children’s first aid. To guarantee a high level of care we offer regular refresher courses to our nannies. A Zo nanny is flexible, reliable, empathetic, customer-oriented and experienced.

The advantages of care at home and at the child care centre

Zo Nannies are linked to a Zo location near your house, which means that your child will be able to join in on group activities and fun trips. Parents will be able to benefit from our extra services, such as children’s parties, children’s hairdresser, parenting advice and the children’s photographer.

How will you find the best nanny for you and your family?

Before you leave your child in the care of a nanny, you want to be absolutely sure the nanny fits in with you and your child. Our nannies have all been screened and selected with the utmost care. If you would like to find out more about the possibilities we offer to meet your childcare requirements, please feel free to contact Diana van Osta on + 31 6 462 709 34 or zoaanhuis@zokinderopvang.nl.

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