As children grow, their worlds grow too. They have the need to expand their surroundings. For children, the playgroup is an adventurous place that is specially designed to enhance their development. It is safe, friendly and stimulating. Just as they do at home, the children make important strides in their development at the playgroup. They get to know their peers and other adults. They experiment with materials such as paint, paper, pencils, glue, clay and sand. And they learn about expression, movement and language. They sing songs, they are read to and they play games. They discover themselves and their potential through learning through play. We gradually prepare them for primary school.

Development and stimulation

The children play together in a group of up to sixteen children with two regular playgroup leaders on two set half days a week. Here they expand their experiences and world through play. They learn something new every time while playing with our development materials, playing outdoors, doing arts and crafts, singing songs and playing games. Language stimulation is very important in this.

Set programme

Children come to the playgroup two part days a week, totalling 5 hours. They learn how to play, share and get along with other children. As we have a set programme, the children know exactly what is happening.

Programme in general:

  • Arrival (saying goodbye, free play)
  • Circle time (singing, show and tell, being read to, doll’s house)
  • Play (indoors or outdoors)
  • Creative activities (cutting, pasting, colouring, tearing paper)
  • Circle time (singing, show and tell, being read to, doll’s house)
  • Collection
  • Familiar and safe

As the attendance times of the children are fixed – though they vary between playgroups – the playgroups mostly have the same composition of children and playgroup leaders. The children thus see the same familiar faces all the time, making them feel safe.

Playgroup Plus

A number of playgroups have a special Playgroup Plus programme. In this programme, children may attend the playgroup three part days a week instead of two part days at no extra costs. The time is primarily used to stimulate language and motor skills development using the Pyramid or Bas programmes. These tools are geared at ensuring that children are ready to start primary school so that they do not fall behind. The playgroup leaders decide if a child would benefit from the Playgroup Plus programme.

Opening times

The playgroups are open from Monday to Friday for 40 weeks in the year, closing only for school holidays. The opening times vary according to the playgroup and during school holidays, they are adapted to the opening times of the primary schools wherever possible. The opening times are given at each location.


Children can be registered for the playgroup upon turning one-and-a-half years old. They can start attending the playgroup on their second birthday. For more information email or telephone our administration during office hours on 0167 726 970.

Parental involvement

Every playgroup has its own Parents Committee consisting primarily of parents of children at the playgroup. The Committee acts as a platform for discussing issues raised by parents about the activities in the playgroup. The Committee supports the playgroup leaders in their task of having the playgroup work well and it helps in the organisation of special activities.

The composition of each Parents Committee and how it operates varies according to playgroup. The location manager can tell you more. Each location has a poster listing the members of its Committee.

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