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Our colleagues tell you what it’s like to work at Zo Kinderopvang.
medewerker kinderopvang
Sascha, childcare practitioner at Zo op het Podium:

“For me, the best thing about working in childcare is that you really see the children growing up in the groups. You experience everything with them and really build a bond. They get attached to me and I get attached to them.”

Interview Sascha
Bodin, childcare practitioner at Zo op Gummarus

“I feel at home at Zo op Gummarus because I really like my colleagues and my working hours are wonderfully balanced with mothering my toddler and pre-schooler. As a result, work really doesn’t feel like work.”

Interview Bodin
Elise, location manager at Zo on Riouwstraat

“To me, the most valuable thing is that I’m really seen as a person. It has allowed me to make an enormous leap in my personal development.”


Interview Elise
Casper, music teacher and outdoor after school care staff member

“At Zo, you really get the chance to develop yourself. There’s an atmosphere of trust: If you think you can do it, go ahead and do it. You don’t often get told that you can’t do something. They’re open to your ideas and initiative is very much appreciated.”

Interview Caspar
muziekles in de kinderopvang
pedagogisch medewerker kinderopvang
Annoeska, childcare practitioner at Zo on Jan van Nassaustraat

“Working in childcare is great fun because you can really see that you’re appreciated. The children’s happy little faces when they come in, their little arms outstretched to be picked up… of course it makes you happy!”


Interview Annoeska
Judith, childcare practitioner at Zo op het Podium

“How special it is that parents entrust us with their child, the most precious thing they have? It can sometimes be very difficult for parents to leave their child. It’s a very special thing to be able to give them the confidence and security that everything will be okay.”


Interview Judith
pedagogisch medewerker kinderopvang

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