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Learning through play

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Why do parents choose Zo Kinderopvang?



We frolic, we skip and play, we dance, laugh and sing. We make every day a celebration and our goal is always to have an unforgettable time together. Because when children are comfortable and happy, they develop at their best.


All children are unique and develop in their own way. We offer a variety of activities that challenge your child to discover the world through play. In this way we stimulate resilience, independence and self-confidence.


We teach your child about nature, about what’s growing and buzzing and crawling around out there. We firmly believe that growing up in an environment that’s focused on sustainability is something you take with you for the rest of your life.


The same familiar faces welcome your child every day. This is how we create a safe base from which children can go adventuring. As a parent, there’s no need to miss a moment of your child’s development – you can experience their day via the parent app.
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What are the monthly costs?

All food and drinks, nappies and activities (such as music lessons by a specialist teacher) are included. With our convenient calculation tool, you can see exactly what your out-of-pocket childcare costs will be

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Request a tour and come and visit us to get a feel for the atmosphere or contact us.
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