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Why do parents choose Zo Kinderopvang?

For 30 years, parents have been bringing their children to our daycare, and at the end of the day, they pick up happy and satisfied children. At Zo Kinderopvang, we do everything we can to make that happen every day. Learn more about how we achieve this and why parents choose Zo Kinderopvang.
Childcare practitioner giving 1-on-1 attention to a baby at daycare

Horizontal Groups

We consider it important that children are placed in groups with as many peers as possible. This is not only good for bonding but also promotes children’s development. When children of the same age are in one group, it is possible to provide the best possible developmental and activity offerings for that age group.

1-on-1 Attention

Personal attention for each child is characteristic of Zo Kinderopvang. We carefully monitor the well-being and development of each child and adapt to their needs while considering all developmental areas.

Challenging Activities

To guide and stimulate children’s development, we offer challenging and enriching activities that are different from what they can do at home. This activity offering in each region is supported by an activity coordinator.

These activities have several key pillars:

  • Alignment with the children’s experiences at different age stages.
  • Attention to the children’s interests and desires.
  • Integration within a theme or project that addresses multiple developmental areas.
  • Play and developmental materials tailored to different developmental areas.
  • Space for active play and learning to handle risks.
  • Spending as much time outdoors as possible because being outdoors is beneficial for children’s health and development.
  • Attention to nature, how to interact with it, and how to care for it.

Within the activity offering, external workshops can be organized, and our own childcare practitioners also offer workshops. Additionally, our childcare practitioners create their own projects or themes, and theme boxes are rotated.

Children engaged in challeging play in the playground at the childcare facility
Child studying the leafs of a plant

Healthy and Green

We are working hard to make Zo Kinderopvang as green, healthy, and sustainable as possible. This commitment is not only reflected in our operations but also in what we teach the children. This means that we want to instill sustainability skills in children so they can take care of themselves, others, and the world.

Adaptation Period

At Zo Kinderopvang, we understand that going to childcare for the first time can be stressful for both the child and the parent. That’s why new parents and children are given time to acclimate to the group.

We schedule multiple moments where a parent accompanies the child to get used to the group. During these adaptation moments, parents and children have the opportunity to get to know the childcare practitioners and become familiar with the group’s activities. This allows the child to adjust to the new environment and faces in a calm manner.

Attention to Extra Support Needs

Sometimes, children require extra support in a specific developmental area. We are understanding and attentive to these needs, and we provide additional support to any child when necessary.

Sustainable Parent Relationship

The relationship with parents is very important to us. Parents can always reach out to the location managers with questions, and we aim for a high level of customer-friendliness and hospitality. We strive for a sustainable collaboration and relationship with parents.

Childcare practitioner and a child outside
Childcare practitioner playing with toddler focusing on development

Investing in Employees

We value our employees and want to support them in their development. We invest in our employees by offering training, which not only helps in their personal development but also enhances the quality of our childcare. Childcare practitioners play a crucial role in the time children spend in childcare and contribute significantly to children’s development.

Quality Certification: ISO 9001 Certified

Zo Kinderopvang is ISO 9001 certified! This quality certification signifies that we continuously work on improving our service in all aspects, allowing us to maintain the highest quality childcare.

Innovative Policies Based on Science and Legislation

In the development and innovation of our policies, we always consider new laws and regulations and the latest research on child development. Childcare practitioners and parents are involved as much as possible in this process.

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