Lunchtime care

At Zo Kinderopvang, we know that lunchtime care is about more than eating your sandwich and having something to drink. We believe it’s the perfect time to play, relax and unwind during school hours. And we’re not alone; the children wholeheartedly agree with us.
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Children playing in the woods during lunchtime care
Children talking with a childcare practitioner at after school care
Space to play

These days many children don’t go home for lunch; instead they stay at school or go to another location to eat their lunch, have something to drink and have a great time playing with their classmates. Zo Kinderopvang locations offer more than enough room to run around, play and make friends.

Our lunchtime care staff supervise and support the children and organise the programme. Naturally they know what each child eats and drinks and they make sure that everything runs smoothly and everyone’s having fun.

Would you like to know more?

Would you like more information about our lunchtime care? We’d love to speak to you. Come and visit us to get a feel for the atmosphere or contact the location manager.
Vingerverven op de buitenschoolse opvang