Client satisfaction

‘I want to do it myself!’ We want to keep on developing and learning, just like the children we care for do. That’s why we regularly measure our client satisfaction. We do this at different set points: just after a child begins childcare, after three months and after that yearly. Lastly we measure client satisfaction when the child leaves childcare. These regular check-ins enable us to constantly improve and grow.
Two girls playing in the woods and throwing leafs in the air
Meisje snijdt boterham met behulp van een pedagogisch medewerker
We measure so we can improve

We are always open to your suggestions for improvement, because for us it’s an opportunity to do better. Is something not running smoothly? We will get to work to fix it!

We use the VerbeterMeter survey tool to gain insights into client satisfaction. In 2022 we scored an 8.2, and we’re very proud of that!

The widget below shows our real-time client satisfaction score with additional information about how we score on different quality aspects.

Beoordelingen via VerbeterMeter


Request a tour and come and visit is to get a feel for the atmosphere.
“It’s a lovely childcare location with a really homely atmosphere and all the childcare practitioners are great! The new app is really good too. I love seeing photos and reading stories throughout the day!”